PhD students

Jiarong Wu Jiarong Wu, PhD student, is working on wind waves using direct numerical simulations.

Daniel Shaw Dan Shaw, PhD student, is working on bubble dynamics at the air-water surface, including coalescence and bursting.

Daniel RuthDan Ruth, PhD student, is doing laboratory experiments on bubble dynamic and break-up in turbulence.

Sheetal RamsurrunSheetal Ramsurrun, PhD student, is working on wave modeling and gas transfer at the air-sea interface

Profile photo for Megan MazzatentaMegan Mazzatenta, PhD student, is working on spray generation and droplet transport in a turbulent boundary layer.

Postdoctoral Researchers

Palas Kumar FarsoiyaPalas Kumar Farsoiya, numerical work on gas diffusion and phase change.

Martin A. ErininMartin Erinin, experimental work on spray transport.

Baptiste Néel, experimental work on spray generation by collective bubble bursting.

Visiting Graduate students

Alienor Riviere (spring 2019), from ENS, on bubble break-up. Alienor is now a graduate student in Paris with Stephane Perrard and continues to work on turbulence and interface.


Anthony Barnett (MAE) Senior independent work, 2021.

Alumni (PhD and Postdocs)

Wouter Mostert Wouter Mostert (postdoc from 2017 to 2020), numerical work on multiphase turbulence, nonlinear and breaking waves, using Basilisk. Wouter is now Assistant Professor at Missouri University of Science and Technology.
Stéphane PerrardStephane Perrard (Postdoc in 2017), experimental work on bubbles in turbulence. Stephane is now holding a Junior Research Chair at Ecole Normale Superieure, in Paris.
Yao Lai, was visiting PhD student from Howard Stone lab, MAE, and worked on bursting bubble dynamics (2017-2018). Yao is now a postdoctoral researcher at Lamont (Columbia University). Yao is now Assistant Professor in the department of Geosciences at Princeton University.
Emre Turkoz Emre Turkoz, was visiting PhD student from Craig Arnold’ lab (MAE), working on modeling visco-elastic jest using Basilisk. Emre is now a Research Scientist at Exxon
Alexis Berny (Feb. to May 2019), from Sorbonne University, co-advised by Stephane Popinet and Thomas Seon on numerical simulations of bubble bursting. Alexis is now Research Engineer at CEA in France.

Alumni (Undergraduates)

Demetra Yancopoulos (CEE) PEI Summer internship 2020

Ethan Lam (MAE) PEI Summer internship 2020

Kaitao (David) Tang (Junior, MAE, Independent Work fall 2019)

Chuxuan Zhao (Junior, MAE, Independent Work spring 2020)

Francis Odinakachukwu Ogoke (CBE) PEI summer internship 2017 and 2018. Senior Thesis 2019. On droplet impact on oil spills.

Cindy Song (CS/Economics). PEI summer intern 2019

Mench Santelices (MAE). PEI summer intern 2019

Alex Taylor-Lash (MAE). PEI summer intern 2019

Chris Ferrigine (MAE). MAE summer intern 2019

Anna Qin (CS). Undergraduate PEI Summer internship 2018.

Eric Dogariu (EE). Undergraduate PEI summer internship 2017.

Alumni (Visiting graduate students)

Marlone Vernet, Visiting Master student in fall 2019 from ENS Lyon, bubble dynamics in turbulence. Marlone is now a graduate student at ENS in Paris.

Nicolas Chapuis, Visiting Master student, from ENS, spring and summer 2018, on collective bubble dynamics.

Leila Dhar, Visiting Master student from ENSTA-Paris Tech, spring 2018, on air entrainment by liquid jets.