I am Assistant Professor at Princeton University, in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department and the High Meadows Environmental Institute.

We work on fundamental fluid dynamics with an emphasis on non-linear and multi-scale systems. I am focusing on fundamental physics problems, motivated by their importance in environmental and industrial applications, as diverse as the statistics of waves in the ocean, floating ice sheets, gas transfer by surface breaking waves in the ocean, spray generation and dynamics in the atmosphere, as well as oil spill mitigation strategies.

We design and develop complementary laboratory and numerical experiments to propose simple physical models describing the processes at play. Currently, we focus on breaking waves, bubble dynamics in turbulence and gas transfer, as well as bubble bursting and spray generation.


January 2021: Emre’s paper on visco-elastic jets is published in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics. Congrats Emre!

December 2020: Dan Ruth wins the School of Engineering and Applied Science Award for Excellence.

October 2020: Check out Dan Shaw’s movie on bubble coalescence. Thanks to Aaron Nathans, SEAS digital media editor for making this happen.

September 2020: Dan Ruth wins the first price in MAE 2020 Research day! Congrats Dan!

September 2020: Wouter is starting as Assistant Professor at Missouri University of Science and Technology. Congrats Wouter!

September 2020: Martin Erinin is joining the group as postdoctoral researcher. Welcome Martin!

September 2020: Alexis Berny defended his PhD thesis in Paris on bubble bursting, co-advised by Thomas Seon and Stephane Popinet. Congrats Alexis.

May 2020: Palas Kumar Farosoiya is joining the group as postdoctoral researcher. Welcome Palas!

March 2020: Our work on the Contribution of sea-state dependent bubbles to air-sea carbon dioxide fluxes, with Brandon Reichl at NOAA got accepted in Geophysical Research Letters!

February 2020: Alexis Berny paper on jet drops by bursting bubbles got accepted in Physical Review Fluids. Congrats Alexis!

February 2020: We are going to Ocean Sciences in San Diego, to present work on air-sea interactions, including wind waves, spray generation, wave breaking and gas transfer.

January 2020: Jiarong Wu and Dan Shaw passed their general exams. Congrats!

January 2020: Wouter Mostert paper on breaking waves in shallow water got accepted to the Journal of Fluid Mechanics. Congrats Wouter!

December 2019: Dan Ruth paper on Bubble pinch-off in turbulence got published in PNAS. Congrats Dan! See the story on SEAS website here and on Phys Org.

November 2019: The group is presenting at APS-DFD in Seattle, check out the talks from Dan Ruth, Dan Shaw, Francis Ogoke, Jiarong Wu, Wouter Mostert, Baptiste Neel, Alexis Berny and Luc Deike.

September 2019: Sheetal Ramsurrun joins the group as graduate student. Welcome Sheetal!

September 2019: Jiarong Wu got awarded a Second Year Fellowship by the MAE department. Congratulations Jiarong!

June 2019: Dan Shaw got awarded the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Congratulations Dan!

June 2019: the group went to the fifth Gerris-Basilisk user meeting, a workshop on numerical methods for multi-phase flows, held this year in Paris, slides and agenda of the meeting are available here.

May 2019: Emre defended his PhD thesis! Congratulations Emre!

March 2019: We got awarded a NSF grant to work on spray generation by bursting bubbles!

February 2019: We got awarded the NSF CAREER award, to work on bubble fragmentation by turbulence! See the story here.

February 2019: Alienor Riviere and Alexis Berny join the group as visiting students. Alienor is a MSc student at ENS Paris and will be staying 5 months while Alexis Berny is a PhD student at Institut d’Alembert and will be staying 4 months.

December 2018: Baptiste Neel joins the group as Postdoctoral researcher. Welcome Baptiste!

November 2018: The group presented at APS-DFD in Atlanta, with talks by Dan Ruth, Emre Turkoz, Yao Lai, Wouter Mostert and Luc Deike.

September 2018: Alumni of the group Stephane Perrard is appointed Junior Research Chair at Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris. Congrats Stephane!

September 2018: Dan Shaw joins the group as PhD student. Welcome Dan!

September 2018: Yao’s paper on bursting bubble has been accepted in Physical Review Letters! Congrats Yao! Look up the story on Princeton SEAS webpage and on Phys Org and the paper is available here

August 2018: Jiarong Wu joins the team as PhD student. Welcome Jiarong!

August 2018: Emre’s paper on visco-elastic jets is published in Physical Review Fluids, congrats Emre! The paper is available here

July 2018: Emre’s paper on visco-elastic thinning is published in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics Rapids, congrats Emre! The paper is available here

June 2018: Yao defended her PhD thesis. Congrats Yao!

March 2018: our new paper on bubble bursting is featured on Princeton’s webpage: The paper is published in Physical Review Fluids and available here.

December 2017: Wouter Mostert joins the team as Postdoctoral researcher. Welcome Wouter!

August 2017: Dan Ruth joins the team as PhD student. Welcome Dan!